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Scotch Plains Channel 34

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About Us


 Education, Training and Community Partnerships

William McMeekan, Jr., Coordinator of Producer Services



William McMeekan, Jr., Operations Manager/ Transmission Operator



William McMeekan, Jr. Program Coordinator / traffic Coordinator



William McMeekan, Jr. Production Coordinator/ Producer

Doug Hooper, Producer 34 News

John Russitano, Director/ Camera Township Council Meetings

Eric Davis, Director / Camera Township Council & Board of Education Meetings


School District Productions

Rob Dawson, Talent

Wes Lorenzini, Production

Michael Cejovic, Talent / production

Tom Fortunato, Production

Chris Polhemus, Production


Marketing  /  Media Outreach

William McMeekan, Jr.  Community Calendar Coordinator

Wes Lorenzini,  SPTV Website Coordinator



Chelsea Donnelly

Stephanie Santiago



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